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Marketing with Second Life

Reprinted from Podcast Girls Blog, Aug 06, 2007

Many of you ask us about "But how do you use these tools for your business?" and we continue to bring you ideas from around the globe. Here is an article from TrendHunter that illustrates a great example.

"A group of 24 avatars were recruited (and paid!) by This Second Marketing Llc in the week surrounding the July 11 opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The virtual street team interacted with other avatars, promoting and giving out freebies (tshirts, imax glasses) and emphasizing the Imax experience.

The virtual buzz agents wore white outfits emblazoned with the Imax logos and were followed around by a floating poster above them.

Best thing they did? The virtual promoters gave out 300 movie tickets which were redeemable in real life Imax theatres to see the film!

The company was able to reach 15,000 individuals in their target demographic. Now thatís some innovative marketing!"

Another example that the tools are just part of your small business marketing toolkit. These internet tools are communication channels that can be used to reach consumers in a low cost way. It is not that all your marketing should be concentrated but that these virtual worlds are another market open to you, for increasing your sales.

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Thanks for mentioning our IMAX project. I would like to point out that better than giving away 300 real tickets, at least from the IMAX point of view, was engaging over 15,000 individual people in one-on-one brand-related conversation about the IMAX movie experience and the magic of seeing the film in IMAX 3D. These were REAL conversations with real prime target audience members...they did not just pass a billboard or read an ad, the ENGAGED in conversation with the brand, accepted our promotional offers, opted in to future communication and we have tracked the names or each of the 15,099 people our Buzz Agents spoke with. 300 tickets is really just some icing on the cake! Then there is all the great press IMAX has received for being the company that has "cracked the code" on communicating with consumers in Second Life where there have been very mixed results with marketing programs. IMAX has accomplished their onjectives and has reinforced their core brand image as innovators!

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Joni West
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Posted by: Joni West, President This Second Marketing LLC | August 07, 2007 at 01:40 PM

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